The 'Repeat Offender' loyalty card.

To our valued customers who repeatedly shop with us at Xtreme Edge we would like you to become a 'Repeat Offender'.

To those who would like to repeatedly offend - we want you too!

You have given us your loyalty and we would like to return the favor.

We invite you to visit the store, join the conversation and find out how you can save money when you repeatedly offend.

To those who are Xtremely Offensive we have an invitation only 'Xtreme Offender' club. You have to be very Xtreme to get into this one.

Live your life on the Xtreme EDGE


Terms and Conditions.

In order to participate in the Xtreme Edge 'Repeat Offender' loyalty program customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions as set by Xtreme Edge.

By receiving a Loyalty card and participating in this program it is accepted by Xtreme Edge that the participating customer does indeed agree to and accept the following Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions are also available in hard copy at the Point of Sale of Xtreme Edge.

1  Customers will receive a loyalty/tally card. Name, mobile number or email address is to be recorded on  the card.

2  With every $50 spent a box is earnt. Staff will record the date and receipt number in the box. This is repeated until 5 boxes are signed and dated.

3  The sixth box entitles the bearer to 10% discount off full retail value items store wide on their next purchase.

4  The cumulative tally must be completed within 12 months of commencement date.

5  Discount must be redeemed within 3 months of completion of the fifth box.

6  Discount is not transferable.

7  Discount cannot be tallied and/or added to and with any other completed cards or other offers. A maximum of 10% discount is allowable per redemption.

8  When discount is redeemed, staff will sign and date the discount box and retain the card for storage.

9  The card must be presented at the time of purchase/redemption of discount to receive rewards.

10  The discount cannot be used with the purchase of Gift Vouchers.

11  The discount cannot be used for making Layby payments.

12  Discount is allowable when redeeming Gift Vouchers purchased or received.

13  Customers can 'earn' a $50 box for free by liking/following Xtreme Edge on Facebook. The box will be signed off upon confirmation by staff. 

14  If a customer spends more than $100 in a visit, 1 square extra per $50 can be completed and son on for every $50 spent thereafter. 

15  Repeat Offender discount cannot be applied to the current transaction. The discount is applicable to the next purchase.

16  Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time, without notice, and for any reason at the sole discretion of Sharon, proprietor of Xtreme Edge.

17  The reward program may be terminated at any time, without notice, and for any reason at the sole discretion of Sharon, proprietor of Xtreme Edge.

If the reward program is terminated, completed cards that are entitled to a discount will be honored up to the expiry of the offer. Refer to clause 5.